In Home Couples Photos Newport Beach

February 1, 2023

G + D are HOT and the kind of cool I wish I was. Whiskey, tattoos and motorcyles make their intense connection feel that much sexier. They reached out just wanting chill in home couples photos in Newport Beach for a holiday card. D lit up when he talked about his bike so we ended up driving around the neighborhood, ending up at backbay in Newport for a smokey sunset.

I send out a questionnaire to all of my couples when they book (if you’re a photographer you can check it out here) to get a feel for who they are and what they love. It’s the perfect way to make their photos feel authentic. The whole point of doing these sessions is for me to show you what you look like in love. It’s the most special thing to let your guard down in front of my camera and I don’t take that lightly. I find that I’m able to create mostly for you, and a little for me at each session.

I love pulling out my flash at in home sessions on a white wall for some photobooth feeling photos and just letting the couple vibe out. More often than not those end up being my favorite shots from the session like they were here. Something about how casual and tight they are makes them feel like no one else was there – true photobooth style. 

Getting this steamy at an engagement or couples session might not be for everyone. As a wedding photographer, I love when my couples are able to express their genuine emotions in front of my camera. For these two, it’s passion for sure. I just know they’ll look back on these in 40 years and drool. 😉 It’s forevaeva. Love you G + D!

In Home Couples Photos Newport Beach

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