“let me show you what you look like in love…”


About me.
PS writing about yourself is super weird.


I have a tiny little beach pad where I edit all day and listen to a variety of playlists in this order:
Today’s Indie Chill
90’s R&B/hip hop
Mushy Country Love Songs

My favorite concert I’ve ever been to was a Ja Rule + Ashanti throwback concert at The Observatory, a hotbox mosh pit filled with 30 year olds reliving their high school bedroom playlist live.

My favorite days start with windows wide open + a breeze coming through all four walls, tunes blaring and a warm cup of coffee with a generous amount of vanilla, hazelnut or coconut cream (damn, reading that back sounding basic beyond, but I’m leaving it) and end with a long drive to somewhere pretty.

I jot all of my notes by hand in countless scattered notebooks. Only to type them later as I’m doing right now, but I swear typing stunts my creative flow.

I’m overly sarcastic, probably a bit inappropriate, but I care SO MUCH that you have the best experience with me. 

I think music makes everything in life better.

I’m obsessed with color and movement and how it makes you feel when you see it.

I’m a terrible cook. I love to read but don’t do it often enough.

I’m in love with nature because of how f**king beautiful it is, and how it makes you feel, but I can’t be away from running water and a comfy bed, and scream every time I see a spider. Thank God for this job that allows me to spend time in nature for 2 hours at a time, soak it in and get back to my beloved pad.

I feel the most alive chasing beautiful light and documenting deep love.


What I want to give you.

The way you think about your memories when you’re listening to music on a long road trip, that is how I want your images to feel.

You know, when you hear a sentimental song your heart tightens a little, and suddenly you become the main character in the music video in your mind. I want to put that exact feeling on film for you. (the love song version)

Fuhhh The Formalities.
Whats special about tradition is that it is sentimental and makes your heart feel something. So let’s lean into that. I want to work with people willing to let go of making things perfect, and putting on a show for others, and are really just about soaking up the promise you’re about to make, and allowing yourself to really feel those emotions. (That being said, I’m a timeline queen + will provide you with lists + tools to keep things running smooth and allow for a relaxed mindset on your wedding day so you CAN lean into those emotions)

I go hard for my couples. Your happiness = my happiness.
I care more about giving you emotional images than perfectly posed portraits, although I will make you look like a Vogue queen, trust.

I’m a great third wheel.

You get married once. I’ve done this a million times and am here to share all the info to help you along the way. 

Aside from taking rad photos my specialty is making your wedding day as stress free and FUN as possible.

When shooting sessions, I’m not just collecting a check and going through the motions. I pour everything I have into each and every shoot to make sure you leave with images that make your heart skip a beat.

When I look back on photos I love to see all the little details, old hairstyles and outfits, but what I cherish most is when a feeling is pouring out an image. Life is all about little moments and big love. If you could freeze your sweetest moments in time, wouldn’t you? 

Let’s hang out, run around in the wind, laugh hard + create unbeatable memories.

Let me show you what you look like in love.