April 25, 2018

“You show up for a shift that you think is legit… but little do you know everyone is in on it, except you.
You all wanted it, he asked for it, and I said YES!
Let me tell you a story about an engagement… The “injured” firefighter.

The hallway.
The feels.
I was asked to cover in the ED for a few hours yesterday morning. After saying “no” a few times, because I didn’t want to work, I begrudgingly accepted the shift.
Shortly after I got to work, I was called to the trauma bay to treat an inhalation injury. Only to find my own boyfriend giving me report on one of his firefighters who reportedly had a roof cave in on him.
Naturally… I was concerned.
Cue my doctor mode. The nurses didn’t seem to be as alarmed as I was though 🤔
I was being rushed through my assessment to speak with the firefighter’s family, when I was lead through the hallway (our hallway) to find Chris waiting for me… in the exact same spot where our eyes first met!
Surrounded by our family and friends, I shared the happiest day of my life, and said YES!”

SO happy I was there to capture this moment and got to celebrate with Cassie + Chris! I could not be happier for them both and can’t wait to dance at the wedding!