“let me show you what you look like in love…”

If you want the boring facts —>

29 years old
Live in Huntington Beach, California
Born and raised in Waterloo, Iowa
Crime podcast obsessed – hit me up for the best of the best, I’ve got the goods.
I like pineapple on my pizza
Top played pandora stations:
        Ashanti Radio
       Country Love Songs (embarrassed about this one)
       Carla Bruni Radio
Fave TV show -> Handmaids Tale. Fu** sh** up, June.
I feel the most alive chasing beautiful light and documenting deep love.

The stuff that matters to you —>

I go hard for my couples. Your happiness = my happiness.
I care more about giving you emotional images than perfectly posed portraits.
I’m a great third wheel.
You get married once. I’ve done this a million times and am here to share all the info to help you along the way. 
Aside from taking rad photos my specialty is making your wedding day as stress free as possible.

When shooting sessions, I’m not just collecting a check and going through the motions. I pour everything I have into each and every shoot to make sure you leave with images that make your heart skip a beat.

When I look back on photos I love to see all the little details, old hairstyles and outfits, but what I cherish most is when a feeling is pouring out an image. Life is all about little moments and big love. If you could freeze your sweetest moments in time, wouldn’t you? 

Let’s hang out, run around in the wind, laugh hard + create unbeatable memories. Let me show you what you look like in love.